Phụ kiện cho Kính hiển vi Dino-lite và Camera Dino-Eye

• The miniature XY+R inspection   stage

MS25X Inspection XY Turntable
• The miniature precision stand

KM-01 Knob motor
• Usable with DinoCapture 2.0
• Touch control
• Mountable

BL-ZW1 Dino-Lite Backlight Pad
• Polarization backlight

MSAA501 Tongue Depressor Attachment
• Inspect the mouth with a tongue   deoressor

HD-M1 Metallic Holster
• Use with MS-W1 or own stand
• Metallic holster

HD-P1 Holster
• Holster for the Dino-Lite

SW-F1 Foot Pedal
• Usable with DinoCapture 2.0

FC-L-FB1 and FC-L-FB2 Adapters
• OpticaL fiber ferrule inspection   adaptors
• 1.25mm and 2.5mm options

SL-ZW1-Side Light with Polarizer
• Additional LED lighting
  with polarization

• Switchable to Dark field
• High contrast of internal and   surface details
• Enhance scratches, cracks, and   bubbles

N3C-R Ring-Light Cap
• Quickly transform Dino-Lite’s   built-in LEDs into an uniform and   soft ring illuminator

MSAA502 Multi-purpose Adapter